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Release of Return to Autumn - Coming of Age Novel

I finally finished my first novel Return to Autumn.

I have been working on this book since 2011. The idea was conceived in 1994 and I had jotted down some notes in a notebook. Seriously, it has taken me 5 years. This novel was 2 chapters short of being complete for 3 years. I worked on this book very slowly in bits and pieces here and there. It started out as a NaNoWriM project I didn’t complete in the allotted time, and then I didn’t want to give up on it. Over several years I would add bits here and there. I just didn’t know how to end the thing. Finally, in the beginning of October, I decided it had to end. It didn’t take too long to draw it to a conclusion and do some final editing. The driving force behind wrapping it up was a new book idea that I want to begin. I am excited to begin the new project.

If you have read Return to Autumn please write a review on Without reviews, either good or bad, the book has very little chance of being found on Amazon. An honest review is all I ask for.

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