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John Richards


About The Author

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, John Richards resides with his wife, two children and two German Shepherds. A litigation attorney by trade, John’s favorite way to spend his spare time is with his family and friends. John is an avid reader and adept daydreamer. He loves to write and spend his weekends camping. John is a firm believer that truth is stranger than fiction.


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Summary of Return to Autumn

Adam will never forget the summer of 1992 when his reality will be forever altered by the temptations presented to the young teenage boy. The summer was supposed to be spent hanging with his best friends Mark and Joey as they prepare for their senior year. But when Adam takes a lawn care job at the Autumn’s, he’ll come to know the meaning of love and lust. As Adam’s focus turns to Carolyn Autumn and less on his best friends, his world was turned upside down. Return to Autumn is a coming of age story where the boys experience the effects of getting a girlfriend, using drugs and experiencing the death of someone close.

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